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      Privacy Statement

      This service and information are only for the customers of Go&Up, and the purpose of providing the service and information is for the convenience of users. No license or ownership of any such service or information is granted to the user. There is no guarantee provided by Go&Up for the correctness, integrity and reliability of the service or information on this server or other servers. Therefore, users should not rely on the services and information provided in this network; unless we directly advise users to do so in written form, do not rely on or use this service and information to purchase, sell, trade or process any marketable securities. Note that the information provided here does not meet the information disclosure requirements of different national regulatory bodies, including, but not limited to, the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Please do not make any investment decisions based on the services and information provided herein.

      Users should understand that the service and information is provided by Go&Up, and at the same time, for the service or information here, Go&Up does not have any guarantee or commitment for commodity and its suitability for a particular purpose (whether directly or indirectly).

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