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      We are a professional team gathered for our common cause

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      Ordinary People, Extraordinary Cause

      Here we don't have vanity or limits. There are no decrees from the top, and no one is a nobody here. We only have fresh vigor and energy here. There's plenty of cooperation and growth. Along the way, Go&Up pursues never-ending excellence. We are a group of simple people, doing like-minded things. Go&Up needs you, to walk all the way through proudly.

      Young, but not a by-stander of revolutions

      Here, we will provide you with a free development platform, better than the industry level in pay, benefits, training and growth. We have different grades of salary incentive system for different occupations, so that you can realize real self-worth. Five insurances and one foundation all covered, monthly subsidies for meal, transportation and high temperature, and there are additional commercial insurance customized only for you.
      In addition to the 9 leaves of state-stipulated legal holiday leave, personal leave, sick leave, annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, birth inspection leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, Go&Up also provides Children's Day paternity leave, birthday leave, nursing leave, bereavement leave, work-year leave and five days of annual leave. We also have staff travel, full expansion, departmental team building, staff birthdays and everything, and the annual Christmas is waiting for you to join!


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