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      About Go&Up Automation

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      Terms of Use

      In any case, any direct, indirect, special, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of fund reduction, or loss of procedures or other data, caused by this website or the use of this web site or the use of links to, any site or resource that references this web site or is accessed through this web site, or any direct, indirect, or related information, product, or service that is caused or associated with the use, download, or access to the website, Go&Up will not be responsible for any party, even if Go&Up is clearly specified that the possible damage compensation might exist. This exclusion and waiver of liability applies to all litigation, whether based on contract, warranty, tort or any other legal theory.

      Additional or different terms, conditions, and declarations may apply to specific data, information, products, software, and services provided through this web site. In the event of any conflict, such additional or different terms, conditions and declarations shall prevail over these "terms of use". Please refer to the appropriate agreement or statement.

      Breach of Clause

      If the user violates the terms of this network, Go&Up reserves the right to terminate the service to the user without prior notice or explanation. Go&Up will advise the user of improper behavior, and recommend the user to take the correct behavior. However, if it is considered that the user's violation of the above provisions is intolerable, the user's breach of contract will directly result in the termination of the service it enjoys in the net.

      Go&Up and its authorized representative may improve or revise the services and prices mentioned on the website. If such changes occur without notice, the user further agrees that Go&Up can, at any time, clarify the above situation by the way of posting.

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