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      Go&Up - Making Manufacturing Easier

      Based on the existing technological basis, Go&Up is proposing a five-step technological roadmap for smart factory: "Smart Decision Making, Smart Management, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Testing, and Smart Warehousing and Logistics":

      Smart Decision Making: To integrate production line manufacturing, service, and operating big data. Go&Up is now actively conducting research project cooperation with Zhejiang University to analyze and apply big data technology.

      Smart Management: To realize the integrated management of materials and personnel information, Go&Up has integrated leading domestic ERP, PLM and other systems. Go&Up has independently developed and completed the MES (manufacturing and execution system), realizing the transparency of factory information and smart production, and has mastered the core software technologies of smart manufacturing.

      Smart Manufacturing: Go&Up's smart manufacturing technology is applicable to discrete manufacturing industries, and it is a universal smart manufacturing technology.

      To date, Go&Up has a national market share of more than 50% in the smart manufacturing of many major auto parts.

      Go&Up smart manufacturing technology also has an important share in other fields such as the military industry, three electric systems (motors, motor controls and batteries) of E-mobility, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, elevators and automobile manufacturing.

      Smart Testing: Most smartly manufactured parts require comprehensive testing. This is a weak part in China's automation industry at present. The main technologies lie in the hands of European and American manufacturers. Among the smart testing technologies researched and developed by Go&Up, more than 10 kinds of them are at the same level with those in Europe and the United States, and are in the leading position domestically.

      Smart Warehousing and Logistics: Realizing smart product storage and efficient logistics after smart manufacturing. Go&Up is actively conducting research and innovations of its own technology in this field.

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